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    We value your opinion and are here to help! Please contact:

    General Event and Registrations

    Denise Chamberlain
    Event Director
    Email: ladychamberlain@msn.com
    Phone: 760-802-0037

    Sponsorships and Exhibits

    Martha Kahn
    Sponsorships and Exhibits Director
    Email: Martha@voiceoverxtra.com
    Phone: 760-652-5886


    Dan Lenard
    Production Director
    Email : dansvoice@verizon.net
    Phone : 716-689-8179

    Voice Over Virtual Producer

    John Florian
    Founder/Publisher VoiceOverXtra LLC
    Email: johnflorian@voiceoverxtra.com
    Phone: 203-459-8834


    Farn Dupre
    Publicity Manager
    Email: farn@voiceoverxtra.com