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    Tips and Training at Online Voice Over Acting Conference, Sept. 18–20,
    Can Launch a Second Career

    A three-day conference offers training and networking exclusively online for
    those who want to launch a new career or polish an established career in the
    voice over acting industry. Voice Over Virtual, Sept. 18-20, 2013, features
    educational sessions about home studios, business and marketing,
    audiobooks, and more, from 50 top-notch professionals.

    (August 12, 2013) “I’m retired now – but not ready to be done” with work, said Texas
    native Ron Minatrea as he closed the door on a 30-year corporate career in 2010.

    His next step? To take advantage of valuable business training and experience and combine them with a passion for on-air radio performance he’d cultivated as a young man. The result? A second career as a voice over actor and business coach to voice
    over newcomers.

    As such, Minatrea will be one of the voice over professionals featured at the
    September 18-20 Internet conference known as Voice Over Virtual

    It’s the first-ever online training and networking conference for those making a career switch or launching a new career as a voice over actor, as well as those with established VO careers.

    What does it mean to be a voice over actor?

    Pay attention to the commercials next time you watch TV or wait for a YouTube video
    to begin. You’ll quickly get a sense of what a voice over actor does when you hear a
    “background” voice tell you what car to buy, which pain reliever works best, or why
    this bank is better than that bank.

    But voice over actors do much more than hawk the latest products. Think about recordings of audiobooks, movie promos, corporate presentations, documentaries, and podcasts, as well as the voices behind telephone directories, video games, animation and cartoons, and more.

    Voice actors deliver the message—any message—with elation, or empathy, or enthusiasm, but you’ll never see them. They are entirely behind the scenes.

    A who’s who cast

    The three-day Voice Over Virtual conference features a who’s-who cast of 50 top
    Voice over professionals who will each present training segments about audiobooks,
    business and marketing, home studios, and voice acting tips.

    Some of the industry’s leading voices and the topics they’ll discuss include:
    • James Alburger: How to avoid the online audition abyss
    • Marc Cashman: How to sound like you’re not reading
    • Terry Daniel: Using social media for promotion
    • Pat Fraley: Good acting vs. bad acting (a demonstration)
    • David Goldberg: The future of voice over
    • Erik Sheppard: How to find and work with agents
    • George Whittam: Q and A about home studios
    • Ron Minatrea: How to create a business action plan for your career
    • Julie Williams: Advanced narration techniques (medical and technical)

    Sessions available through November 30, 2013

    “Although the conference is technically online for three days, all training is accessible
    on-demand,” says John Florian, event producer and founder of VoiceOverXtra.com,
    the VO industry’s news and training website.

    “That allows conference attendees to customize their experience and access the event from anywhere in the world as long as there is an Internet connection. They will have access to all of the training sessions for more than two months—until November 30, 2013.”

    The Voice Over Virtual conference also features:

    • virtual meeting rooms that allow participants to chat with presenters, agents and casting directors. Participants may upload a voice over demo when they register;
    • interactive exhibit halls for browsing, shopping, and engaging with booth
    presenters to learn about voice over equipment and services;
    • hangout lounges for social media-style networking;
    • an unrehearsed Pro-On-Pro interview about audiobook narration, with 2013 Audie
    Award-winners Simon Vance and Katherine Kellgren; and
    • a treasure-hunt game to benefit the Voice Foundation charity.

    Online Open House Reception September 7

    Voice Over Virtual’s live online Open House Reception on September 7 will give
    current and future registrants the chance to explore the virtual environment of the

    Hosted by Anne Ganguzza, founder of the VO Peeps voice over meetup
    group, the event will be entertaining and educational, and provide an opportunity
    to “meet” many Voice Over Virtual trainers and team members.

    The VOV conference is produced by John Florian and VoiceOverXtra LLC, which is
    the voice over industry’s premier online news, education and resource center.

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                                                                Farn Dupre, 310-408-8863

    Registration Opens for “Voice Over Virtual” Online Conference September 18-20, 2013

    (June 25, 2013) — Registration has opened for Voice Over Virtual, the first-ever online voice over training and networking conference for voice over actors at all career levels, and those considering a career and jobs in voice acting.

    The three-day main event takes place on September 18-20, 2013, featuring 50+ voice over training sessions from the industry’s top voice actors and coaches, an interactive exhibit hall for shopping and learning about home studio audio equipment and voice over products and services, and social media-style networking and interaction.

    Participants will attend this unprecedented conference at neither a hotel nor a convention center, but instead, affordably online in the convenience of their homes or from any personal device with an Internet connection.

    Event details and a premiere registration discount are available now at www.VoiceOverVirtual.com.

    Voice Over Career Track Training
    At Voice Over Virtual, training will be presented in career tracks to allow participants to focus on specific genres, including audiobooks, home studio audio production, voice over business and marketing, and voice acting techniques.

    Training will address all levels of voice over experience, from newcomers to mid-level and advanced professionals. For instance, a session will introduce voice over beginners to the voice over business. Advanced professionals will receive advanced voice acting and home studio production training. And all career levels will learn essential business, marketing, audio technical and voice acting techniques.

    Special sessions will feature Pro-On-Pro interviews with top voice over professionals, and discussions will include “The Future of Voice Over,” “Voice Over: For Women Only” and a “Home Studio Experts Roundtable.”

    In the virtual Voice Over Agents and Casting Directors Hall, participants can schedule private online career meetings with agents and casting directors, including evaluations of their voice over demos, which are key marketing tools for obtaining voice over jobs.

    Access to on-demand recordings of all sessions will be available to registrants until November 30, 2013, which makes the entire event customizable for participants to enjoy according to their own personal schedule.

    According to Voice Over Virtual emcee Dave Courvoisier, conference attendees will have access to:

    • A VoicePlex Theater, where four view screens list tracks and links to educational presentations hosted by more than 50 of the industry’s leading professionals. Each presenter’s Meeting Room will offer opportunities for additional info, including real-time text chats and Q&A sessions.
    • Pro-On-Pro split screen interviews, including “The Essence of Audiobook Narration,” featuring 2013 Audie Award-winners Simon Vance and Katie Kellgren, asking each other unrehearsed questions in an unedited Q&A.
    • A Virtual Exhibit Hall, with an array of mouse-clickable booths where attendees can learn about voice over equipment, products and services, and chat with manufacturers and distributors.
    • Meeting Rooms, for personal and group online chats with voice over trainers and coaches, and learning about their services.
    • Networking opportunities, which will abound at online Hangout Lounges such as Tom’s Tiki Lounge and the Chance Encounter Café. Seasoned professionals as well as industry newcomers can discuss home studios topics, voice acting tips, or any topic they wish to explore.

    Voice Over Virtual’s live online Open House Reception on September 7 will acquaint current and future registrants to the virtual environment with how-to videos, pre-shows, and games. Hosted by Anne Ganguzza, founder of the VO Peeps voice over meet-up group, the event will be entertaining, educational, and an opportunity to “meet” many Voice Over Virtual trainers and team members.

    The conference is produced by VoiceOverXtra LLC, which is the voice over industry’s premier online news, education and resource center. Creative consultants and voice over industry insiders involved in the conference are:

    • Producer: John Florian, voice talent and founder/publisher of the VoiceOverXtra.com voice over news and training website;
    • Event Director: Denise Chamberlain, voice talent and professional event manager;
    • Production Director: Dan Lenard voice talent, Home Studio Master audio guru, and co-host of the East West Audio Body Shop (EWABS) Ustream TV show;
    • Virtual Emcee and Social Media Director: Dave Courvoisier, voice talent and award-winning Las Vegas TV news anchor;
    • Exhibits & Sponsors Director: Martha Kahn, voice talent and VoiceOverXtra’s Marketing & Sales Director;
    • Business Director: Elizabeth Holmes, voice talent and business consultant;
    • Event Consultants: James Alburger and Penny Abshire, voice talents, trainers, and co-producers of the VOICE conventions;
    • Marketing Consultant: Tom Dheere, voice talent and voice over marketing and business consultant;
    • Special Events Producer, Anne Ganguzza, voice talent and founder of the VO Peeps voice over meet-up group, and
    • Social Media Monitor: Christopher Lula, actor and VoiceOverXtra exhibits staffer

    For information about Voice Over Virtual, as well as sponsorship and exhibitor opportunities, contact Voice Over Virtual Producer John Florian at 203-459-8834, or at johnflorian@voiceoverxtra.com.

    The VoiceOverXtra news and training website address is www.VoiceOverXtra.com.