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    PRESENTERS: Top Industry Pros

    AllPresentersReorder2-132x198Voice Over Virtual is your unprecedented opportunity to be trained by more than 50 of the voice over industry’s top professionals – simply by clicking a URL link to enter the interactive VOV world.

    Educational sessions are pre-recorded, allowing you to customize this unique event to fit your personal come-and-go schedule and career training needs.

    You’ll also learn more about each trainer in their unique virtual Meeting Room.

    Check this stellar roster of professionals and click their names for photos, brief bios and more info on their presentations.

    Abshire, Penny
    Career: Positive Thinking = Positive Results
    Alburger, James
    How to Avoid the Online Audition Abyss
    Amador, Rosi and Brian
    Narrating Children’s Audiobooks
    Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACX)
    1) Audiobook Editing Techniques
    2) Audiobook Mastering Techniques
    Basanyi, Trish
    Finding Legitimate VO Gigs with Twitter
    Beam, Bobbin
    The Voice Over Wheel of Fortune
    Berkley, Susan
    Getting Paid What You Deserve: How to quote your rates without scaring customers away
    Betancourt, Luis
    Marketing: SEO and Social Media Strategies
    Bowen, Christi
    Career: Recipes for Success Interviews
    Bremers, Beverly
    But Wait: There’s More! How to Voice Infomercials
    Cashman, Marc
    How to Sound Like You’re Not Reading
    Cipriano, Joe
    Q&A: Ask Joe Anything
    Clark, Elaine
    Musicality: Finding the Melody of Your Reads
    Daniel, Terry
    Social Media Marketing with Facebook and SoundCloud
    Fraley, Pat
    Good Acting vs. Bad Acting: A Demonstration
    Friedman, Dan
    Choosing Your Voice Over Microphone
    Goldberg, David (Edge Studio)
    Panel Moderator: The Future of Voice Over
    Q&A: Ask It All, Hear It All
    Gormon, Rowell
    Character Voices: For People Who Don’t Think They Can Do Character Voices
    Gupta, Dr. Reena
    Anatomy of the Voice, Vocal Health Problems and Prevention
    Hart, Vanessa
    Audiobooks: Time vs. Money … What You Need to Know
    Harte, Moneen Daley
    From Radio to Voice Overs
    Heller, Johnny (Edge Studio)
    Audiobooks: How to Create and Maintain Characters
    Hennessy, Elley-Ray
    Exercises to Free Your Voice … And Your Mind
    Hogan, Harlan
    ‘If I Knew Then’ … Lessons & Reflections on 35 Years of Talking for a Living
    Holmes, Bill
    The World of Anime
    Infante, Reynaldo
    Spanish VO Techniques and Genres (in neutral Spanish)
    Kaye, Randye (Edge Studio)
    Uncovering Clues in the Copy
    Kellgren, Katherine
    Audiobooks Pro-On-Pro Interview (with Simon Vance)
    Lallo, MJ
    Animation Audition Techniques
    Lapides, Lau
    How to Approach Agents & Casting Directors
    Lenard, Dan
    1) EWABS Panel: Audio Experts Roundtable
    2) Basic Audio Editing
    3) Home Studio Basics: What to Know, What You Need
    Lewis, Ed (Shut Up & Talk)
    Casting Director Perspective: Interpreting Audition Specs
    Loesch, Joe
    Marketing: Your Distinctive Demo – What Matters Today
    Marshall, Robert
    The ISDN Wake: Tech Upheaval and Issues
    Melley, John
    Marketing: How to Build a Six-Figure Voice Over Business
    Minatrea, Ron
    Career: Create Your Business Action Plan
    Munro, Deb
    Your Signature Personality: Find and Voice It
    Nistico, Gabby
    Marketing: Branding Your Voice to Leave a Visual Mark
    Paul, Xavier
    Demos: Choosing the Right Copy for You
    Price, Kristin (Edge Studio)
    eLearning Is Not eBoring
    Romano, Noelle (Edge Studio)
    Kids’ Content: Without the Kids Gloves
    Saulsberry, Rodney
    Promos Intensive
    Sciglimpaglia, Robert
    Income: How to Ensure You Get Paid – Contracts and More
    Sheppard, Erik
    Agents: How to Find and Work With Them
    Siegel, Celia
    Email Marketing for Your VO Business
    Vance, Simon
    Audiobooks Pro-On-Pro Interview (with Katherine Kellgren)
    Whittam, George (Edge Studio)
    Producer, Pro-On-Pro Interviews
    Q&A: Home Studio
    Williams, Julie
    Advanced Narration Techniques: Medical and Technical
    Williams, William
    Add Depth and Color to Your Voice Overs
    Wilson, Rebekah
    The ISDN Wake: Tech Upheaval and Issues
    Zema, David
    Hot Tips for Cold Reads
    Zoller, Bettye
    Newcomers: Set Your Business Goals for Success