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    Enjoy full 24/7 use of all conference features – from training to webcam and text networking to exploring Exhibit Halls and Meeting Rooms – until November 30, 2013!

    Using these PAYMENT BUTTONS, you can register through PayPal or your credit card. You can even register with a 2-pay Installment Plan, which divides your tuition into two easy payments … with no interest!

    Registration Bonuses

    • $50 discount on your future registration to VOICE 2014 in-person conference – dates and venue announced soon.
    • Free 1-Year subscription to AudioFile Magazine Digital Edition (6 issues).


    $399, including 26+ hours of on-demand training from the voice over industry’s top professionals, plus 24/7 access to all conference webcam and text networking options, live events, interactive Exhibit Halls and Meeting Rooms.

    After Your Payment is Complete, You Will Receive …

    • Email: Payment confirmation (sent by PayPal).
    • Automatic Redirect to Thank You page. Important: If the redirect does not appear quickly, please click this link on your PayPal confirmation: Return to VoiceOverXtra
    • At Thank-You page, please click the VOV icon to complete your Voice Over Virtual Profile, which is required to finish your registration.
    • Email: Thank-you note from VOV
    • Email: Welcome to Voice Over Virtual, with info about your Registration Bonuses

    Subscribe Here For the 2-Pay Installment Plan

    Due* Amount
    At checkout $199.50 USD
    Every 3 weeks (x 1) $199.50 USD
    Total $399.00 USD

    * We calculate payments from the date of checkout.


    Operating System and Browser Requirements

    Voice Over Virtual operates on the 6Connex Virtual Experience Platform ™, developed by 6Connex, an Internet communications services provider. Requirements for accessing the event on this platform are:

    Windows XP:
    Internet Explorer: 6, 7, 8
    Firefox 3.x

    Windows Vista and Windows 7
    Internet Explorer: 7, 8
    Firefox 3.x

    Mac OSX
    Firefox: 3x
    Safari: 4

    A wired Internet connection is recommended for multiple downloads of audio and video – but a stable wireless connection works fine, too. Certain portions of the virtual experience will require Cookies to be enabled, and your Internet Pop-Up Blocker turned off. At the start of the event, you can perform a system test.

    Mobile Applications
    Please ensure your browser can view Flash Websites. Click this link for the Photon app to view Flash websites on iPad and iPhone: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/photon-flash-player-for-ipad/id430200224?mt=8

    Click this link for a brief demonstration on how to use Photon with the Virtual Experience Platform: