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    VOV Plaza is your bustling entry point to the Voice Over Virtual experience, starting with a jumbotron welcome from Virtual Emcee Dave Courvoisier. Dave briefly explains how simple clicks whisk you to the …

    • VoicePlex Theater, where 50+ educational sessions can be viewed any time, at your convenience,
    • Virtual Exhibit Hall, where you’ll shop and learn about voice over equipment and services – even interact live with these pros,
    • Meeting Rooms, where the presenters of educational sessions will share more info with you,
    • Hang Out Lounges, where you’ll network by webcam or text real-time with colleagues, plus learn and have fun in places like Tom’s Tiki Lounge, and the Chance Encounter and VO Peeps Lounges,
    • Help Desk, for video tutorials … hey, you’ve even got a Food Court!

    Also on VOV Plaza is a menu bar at the bottom of the page, giving easy access to private and public chats and messaging, your personal agenda and more.